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Solutions that fit your organization

Out of the box, Axxon Enterprise provides you with a distributed, scalable and reliable security system that integrates easily with any third-party software and hardware. What's more, we also offer horizontal and vertical solutions to meet the specific challenges of your industry.

Axxon Retail Suite: smart retail solutions

Axxon Retail Suite gives you the tools you need to effectively combat and prevent fraud, theft, and other problems on the shop floor. Intelligent video and tight integration with systems you already use to ensure total control over all transactions and activities from entry points to cashiers and store aisles.

Axxon Retail Suite includes Point of Sale, a version of Axxon Enterprise specifically designed to monitor point of sale cashiers and transactions, and Axxon Professional, a smart, reliable way of retrieving video and receiving automatic notifications based on intelligent detection.

Axxon Traffic Control Suite: smart transportation solutions

Imagine a security solution that watches over your vehicular traffic. A solution that can spot problems and report them without having to review hours of video. A solution that optimizes traffic controls based on real-time conditions. Now imagine a solution that's 100% reliable, and scales as you do. Axxon Enterprise brings you an integrated solution that does all this and more.

Axxon Traffic Control Suite includes two options for smarter vehicle security: Traffic Monitoring and License Plate Recognition.

Axxon Railway Suite: smart railway solutions

If your organization is a large railway terminal, industrial facility or transit facility, you need to be able to monitor, track and control cargo, railcars and railway lines. Axxon Railway Suite makes it easy to keep your transportation on time and on track.

Axxon Railway Suite includes Railcar Number Recognition, our Axxon Enterprise-integrated railway control system.

Axxon Banking Suite: smart financial solutions

Protect your most valuable asset your clients with Axxon Banking Suite. Branch-wide, always-on intelligent video surveillance recognizes and interprets security events so you can respond quickly and appropriately. And seamless integration with your current systems means your implementation costs and learning curve stays low.

Axxon Banking Suite includes Transact for network-wide ATM monitoring and security.

Axxon Facial Recognition: smart identification solutions

Keeping watch over a public stadium, border crossing, or airport? Need to maintain tight access control over restricted areas? Or do you want a visual database of all employees in a building? Automatically recognize, log and track specific people with Facial Recognition.
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Intellect PSIM-powered protection installed by Nuuxe Radioton at Balticon transport terminal in Poland

Major Polish freight hauler Balticon S.A. has deployed an AxxonSoft-powered security system to control incoming/outgoing transport at its central warehouse.